Kirov - the final event of UIAA-2013 Ice Climbing World Cup

The Ice Climbing World Cup 2013 will show up the winners in Russia! Athletes from around the world will be challenging each other in Lead and Speed events.

Important Information for Kirov IWC-2013 participants!

>> Thursday, December 22, 2011

Dear Ice Climbers!
Would you take care of your VISA in advance, please.

It takes about 10 days for us to get official invitation from Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, after your receipt.
And extra 10 days of post, when you will get it!
(Normally Russian Embassy asks for original paper, not scanned or fax copies...)

To apply for official invitation we ask you to fulfill the FORM and send it to us in advance, with enclosed scanned copies of your Passport (page with photo) and Health insurance, valid in Russia, to these e-mails: &

Kirov is about 1000 km. from Moscow to the north-east, placed on Vyatka River in the middle of European part of Russia.
It is one of the biggest Trans Siberian Railway stations, half a million population.

We strongly recommend you to arrive to Moscow 07 March till 15.00 p.m.!

It is easy (and cheap) to get to Moscow subway from airports by train express.
It took about one hour.
It took one hour more to get to KOMSOMOL`SKAYA subway station,
where YAROSLAVSKIY VOKZAL (railway station to Kirov) is located.

There will be a train to Kirov departing 07 March at 18.50 p.m.
- and the tickets will be reserved, if you order.
It is comfortable sleeping carriage, the climbers will have 14 hours trip by famous
Trans Siberian Railway, and the train will arrive to Kirov 08 March at 7.30 a.m.

08 March – Accommodation, briefing after breakfast, and Difficulty qualification.
09 March - Difficulty semifinals and Speed qualification.
10 March - Finals (Difficulty and Speed). Award ceremony.

There will be a train back to Moscow - departure 10 March at 20.30 p.m.,
and it will arrive to Moscow 11 March at 10.00 a.m.

Recommended departure time from Moscow airports – 11 March after 14.00 p.m.!

by Plane: 
You can fly to Kirov from Moscow  07 March - departure 19.40, arrival 21.50
 and back to Moscow 11 March - departure 07.30, arrival 09.40 ( 266,0 Euro)

Special order for ice climbers and coaches for 240 EURO:

1. Train Moscow - Kirov - Moscow (2000km.)
2. Transfer Kirov railway station - Hotel "Sputnik" and back
3. Accomodation and meals 8-10 March (3 days & 2 nights)

Athletes have to pay additionally 40 EURO inscription fee!


Results of Kirov-2013 IWC



UIAA Ice Climbing competitions are organised as per the UIAA Ice Climbing Rules & Regulations handbook. The rules and regulations are approved and enforced by the International Commission for Ice Climbing Competitions. These rules include both aspects for the athletes as well as the organisers of the events.

As per UIAA Ice Climbing Rules & Regulations, athletes wishing to compete in Ice Climbing World Cup and World Championship competitions are required to obtain the ICICC International Licence. The athletes can download the UIAA-ICICC International Licence application form from the UIAA in order to obtain the required licence to take part in these competitions.

All rules and regulations are to be found on UIAA site.



This Blog is maintained by courtesy of UIAA with the content we receive from Kirov event organizers. UIAA is not responsible for any misunderstanding that could appear due to Russian - English translation.

Please transmit any query to the Kirov event organizer Pavel Shabalin pavelshabalin (at)

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